Stephon Parker

Senior Engineering Manager (SRE)
The New York Times

My personal philosophy is to lead teams or individuals to leave the spaces we exist in better than how we found them by contributing to the well-being of others.

Welcome and thank you for checking out my personal blog for StephonDoesTech. I use this as a space to share my thoughts and ideas as well as their outcomes. You can expect to find posts about tech, leadership, inclusion & belonging, and also a few more personal posts. If you want to get in touch please contact me at any of my mediums linked on the page. For business inquires check out my business website here.

From an engineering perspective most of my experience is in C#, Java, and Python with an extensive background in .NET Framework and .NET Core. Most recently I have been working with AWS, Terraform, and Kubernetes to improve the experience of developers creating in the cloud. I am also working to improve my frontend development skills (not my strong area) and build this blog using Tailwind Nextjs Starter Blog Template by Timothy Lin.

Fun fact about me I host a podcast called Spark Connections where I interview individuals within the tech industry and talk through their journeys as they navigate the industry. We're on a slight hiatus right now, but will be return soon with some killer content.

Last I have a love for content creation that developed over the pandemic that I'm so excited to share. I firmly believe that is the space and medium that God wants me to share my musings in to encourage and motivate others.